Thursday, December 8, 2011

LOL Cats Quilt

Hello World! Welcome back!

So Its been a while since I've been on the Blog - but I have a new project underway!

My great friend Trish Boon recently revealed she was preggers! (congrats Trish and James!) They have commissioned a quilt for their as yet unnamed bundle of joy. I'm quite excited about the idea of starting a new quilt - and because they are such a great couple they have asked me to feature the themes of Cats and Robots for this piece.

I bet you didn't even know I was a Quilter huh?!?

I am doing research right now on Websites like LOLCATS and it has been a throughly enjoyable afternoon so far. Here's a bit of my latest inspiration...

The trick will be getting these guys to look good in vinyl and felt and keep the humour alive!

Stay tuned for updates and pictures as the project progresses.
Thanks for checking In,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The End - Day 31 - Stripe Month is Officially Over

So for the last day of stripes month I attended The Prince Edward County Comix Jam. Way to end on a high note!

Laura was there wearing a striped dress. Joe and Charlotte fed us ciders. Carl and Lukie had a new iphone and provided tonights pictures. Teresa was cracking me up with her twisted take on events. Susanne was smiling. Doug Monk taught me the difference between "soup or sex'. Sean and Nicole waved from the other end of the table. Niall shared his take on the Toronto Fan-Expo. The Galloping Goats were there. Koren brightened up. Guy did a shadow puppet shimmy. Kelly Roblin filled in some gaps. Charles Webb left for London UK. The crowd ebbed and flowed all evening - one of the largest Jams I've been to at the Acoustic Grill. A good time was had by all.

Well I can honestly say I'm tired of stripes. I'd really like to wear some of the new things (unstriped) that I bought over the summer. I think the stripes will go back in the closet for a while.

It's been fun - I cant wait to see what I blog about next...

But for now, a blogging break...

Thanks for tuning in.
See you soon,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anchors Away

Arrgh! - Ye Mateys!
So yesterday I was in the graveyard and today I'm at the Navy Pier. Gotta love living in a small town - almost everywhere you go there's an interesting backdrop for a photoshoot.

In fact my friend Grills is organizing a spooktackular shoot for the upcoming Halloween season. My favorite time of the year, I can't wait.

Todays dress was a bit like a costume. So I ran with the Nautical theme and even wore my Thomas Szabo Anchor necklace. One of my co-workers Dan, was actually just recruited to the Canadian Navy so I guess this outfit is a bit of a tribute to his future days on the high seas.

Wow - a month sure flies by fast. Tomorrow is the 31st already.
See you then - for the last day of stripe month...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 29 -Night of the Living Nella

If there is a Zombie uprising in Nellaland, we might be in for some real trouble. Picton is home to the beautiful but also terrifying Glenwood Cemetery. There are thousands of graves here and during the day its a beautiful place...But even as the sun was setting I really was getting the creeps hanging out there.

It may have been the the cool night air - as August slowly fades into Autumn - One of the last days for shorts and tank tops, but as the bats came out and the mist settled around the gravestones. I was happy to be heading back to my cozy house.

As the nights get longer and cooler I can't help but realize I've only 2-more days of stripes! I can't believe how fast the month has gone Thanks for reading...

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Bet I did Something Today That You Didn't

So I spent a cool windy morning at an abandoned air base in Picton. Why? Well I guess its because there's a certain charm in all things vintage. Pilots, molls, drawn on stockings, Ahh the glamour of the Golden age... (oh and Jaime really wanted to go.)

The Planes really are beautiful things. For more information check out
The Yellow Wings.

I'm getting down to the basics now - A plain old Black and White Striped Sweater. I've worn this quite a bit in my daily life...

Only a few days left... I can't believe its been a month!
see you tomorrow - nella

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Shout Outs! Thanks to Chrissy and Kaylee for wearing stripes on their Facebook these days! I wish I had a good shot of Kelly - shes always wearing stripes - But she knows I love her... Oh and Jaime too, the best photographer and most patient guy a girl could ask for - I couldn't ask for better, more supportive friends!

Also a Big Thank-you to Kathryn Orok for loaning me today's striped dress. Kathryn is the kind of person you wish you got to see more of. But she's busily raising 2-beautiful little ones and making some of the funkiest hand-sewn goods ever. Shes always got the best fabrics, hmmm... Check out her Etsy shop here.

I live in a small town where there's no such thing as anonimity, but theres always tonnes of support. We live in each others lives - but hey, that's ok. More importantly - we are always there to lend a hand.

Thanks for the Dress!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 26 - Pretty on Pink

Wow - only a few days left!

Todays dress was thrifted from the Value Village, it was originally from Old Navy. I really don't wear alot of clothes from Old Navy type of stores, and this dress makes me realize why...

First of all the positives - Its a really pretty soft pink striped fabric. The stirpes have been cut on the diagonal, which adds a little interest. and the styling really isn't that bad.

But wearing this dress has been a nightmare!

The Negatives - The quality is horrible. The clasp on the back is broken and has a piece of wire that is actually poking me in the back. The fabric used for the lining is too thick and twists, pulling the dress in weird ways. The straps are ridiculously thin, I guess you are supposed to go braless - but there is no support offered - so that would quickly be a hot mess. The lace trim on the edges curled up after I washed it so I can't imagine you'd get too many wears out of this dress.

I'm sure the original price of this dress was quite reasonable - but it feels like Disposable Clothes. Wear it once and throw it out. I'm learning more and more about "Fast Fashion" and this dress brings to the point the problem with disposable clothes and disposable style...

They are no fun to wear!
Thanks for the Pics Jaime - I look so 2003!

Tomorrow I get by with a little help from my friends...
thanks for reading,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25 - Stripes at work!

Working at an Inn is hard. The hours are long and there are just so many personalities in the world. I speak from experience, for the past 3 years I have been the Assistant Innkeeper at The Merrill Inn.

Working at an Inn is also tons of fun. There are always new faces and interesting stories. The guests at an Inn are intrepid travelers looking for a unique experience, not just a cookie cutter type holiday. I live in a beautiful place and the Inn itself is such a beautiful old mansion, it reminds me of a more glamorous time.

My co-worker, Courtney Reynolds, took my photos today and we were both commenting on how great the job is - and how beautiful the house and how much fun (and hard working the owners, Edward and Amy) are. They've been supportive of this whole striped plan since the beginning, allowing me a certain amount of freedom with the way I dress around the Inn. Also watching them build their Inn and their business I admire their sense of hard work and effort.

You should all come visit sometime...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PBR - Yeah OK I Drink the Ribbon

Not only do I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. I enjoy it.
I even bought the necklace atScouts Handmadeon Etsy.

Does it make me a hipster? I mean whatever that may be.

Lets see...I'm a fashion blogger, I like bands most people haven't heard of, I wear my hair in bangs and I'm incredibly immature...So yeah I might worry more about whats cool and how people perceive me than I probably should. Oh I'm also totally opinionated and I'm always right.

So call me what you want - To quote Paul from the Drive-in "other opinons are totally welcome, they're just probably wrong"

Raise your glass and smile - Stripes go on and on and on...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 23 - Love > Fear, Hope> Fear, Optimism > Despair,

Years ago I ran youth programs in Toronto's East end. The Neighbourhood had a mixed community of Spanish, Black and Asian Canadians. Most of the youth I worked with were the first generation in their families to be born in Canada. The Projects I worked with were publicly funded, through grants. The Councillor for my neighbourhood was Jack Layton. Jack Layton came to every cookbook launch, basketball 3-on-3, cultural dinner party, and valentines dance that these youth organized. He shook hands and posed for pictures and talked to the kids. He cared about everyone in his community. Last year his community became the country when he became the Man who should have won. It was an honour to have met him, many times over.

At that same era in my life I had the travel bug bad...I spent my 23rd birthday in Mexico. I remember fearlessly getting my mom and I into a cab which dropped us off at a "botonical gardens" I had read about in the margins of a worn out Lonley Planet. To say this place was remote was an undrestatement. We tried our best to communicate that we would be two hours and placed our faith in this strange cabby, hoping he would return before nightfall and watched him drive off...After hours of wandering through the cacti were heard a honking - our cabby had returned and brought ice cold Orange Fantas for us to drink.

Humans are such amazing People.

This skirt reminds me of that trip. I really should wear it more judging from the amount of compliments I recieved today.

Well there is a week left...
thanks for sticking with me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 22 - I Miss Living in the City!

August 22 - Still in Toronto and loving it!

Today was a beautiful day to wake up in Toronto.

First things First we got coffee and fresh, hot mini donuts at Little Nickys Coffee Shop. I loved every bite - they are similar to the mini-donuts that come once a year to the Picton Fair. It was like getting a taste of the fair a few weeks early.

Coffee was followed by margaritas for breakfast at Tortilla Flats. Then some shopping down Queen St. W. I haven't been into the bead shops, like Arton in sooooo long. Such great little things - so much fun.

This trip to Toronto was all about family. I had a great visit with my Brother and Sister (Graeme and Heather) your new house is so cute! Congratulations! Also its been a while since I spent time with my mom, talking about upcoming art projects and eating fabulous food.

Today I am wearing a grey lace striped skirt by Max Studio, with a grey and white striped tank top.

Sometime its so nice in the city - I forget why I ever left...

Zine Dream - A Country Mouse Visits the City

Day 21
The day started very early with an incredibly speedy trip on the 401 by Spark Box Studio resident, the not sounding conservative Matt. We arrived at the 4th annual Zine Dream (self published art and 'zine show) to set up our booth at the Tranzac Club in Toronto.

The work at this show was incredible. Several of the people presenting were recent grads from the printmaking program at the Ontario College of Art. There was everything from art prints and hand printed books to t-shirts, bags and cards. Chrissy, Allison and I had a pleasant afternoon talking about Spark Box and its residencies and the newest issue of Square2 magazine.

We stayed in Toronto for the evening and my mom and I hit the Drake Hotel for some cocktails. While walking back to the hotel we came across the Cuban Cultural Festival, which actually sounded a lot like Ragtime. What a great evening in the city.

I wore a striped crocheted dress by Gentle Fawn, that I got from Kelly's awhile back.

Can you tell I'm a little tired today...
see you tomorrow...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 20 - Cheese Please!

Today is Day 20! Wow! The month has gone by so fast! Tonight is a late night mission to the grocery store - my favorite part of the grocery store actually...The Cheese Counter!

Its not often I buy a whole wheel of Brie, or eat a giant cardboard hamburger - but sometimes you have to make your own fun in Picton. The metro is always an endless supply of fun and excitement...

And before I forget - they also sell Black River CURD!

Todays dress is from Old Navy - Kelly and I raided the sale rack there a few months back we bought these dresses in every colour...

Tomorrow off to Toronto!
See you in the pictures...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Crazy, Get Wild...Don't Judge Me...

So Don't judge me too harshly but...I have never missed an episode of Jersey Shore

In fact my friends Kelly and I are so committed to the idea we meet at 8am on Friday mornings just to watch the show. This season hasn't been the best, I think Italy is pretty scary for these Guidos, but I feel like its going to get better...

So, why do I watch? These guys and girls remind me of what happens when you leave your life open to whatever possibilities life has to offer. It looks so shallow but...think about it - these 7 kids live their lives having fun and accepting all the experiences given them: girls, drinks, jobs, friends, roommates. Look where it's taken them - they're rich, famous and they get to bumble their way through an awesome trip to Florence! (swoon) I guess I'm a little envious...and its like a train wreck, it's hard to look away.

Oh, and we have cinnamon buns.

Todays very striped dress is by Forever 21.

Thanks for tuning in...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 18 - Ok, Ok, So its Not Really Striped...

So Um I guess this dress from TopShop isn't really striped - or so I was told over and over and over today.

This lovely view behind me is my backyard - aka Delhi Park. This luscious greenery is really one of the main reasons I am such a country mouse. (jealous yet city friends?) I love that within steps from my front door I can be lost in a sea of fireflies or poke through one of the oldest and creepiest cemeteries I've ever had the pleasure of "Harolding" in.

The Beach is also close by - but I don't get there as much as I should...

I promise better more striped stripes tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in - Day 18! can you believe it?1?!?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17 - A Striped Canadian Tradition

I met up with my good friend and photographer Michael Grills. We met in the most popular coffee spot in any small Canadian Town - The Tim Hortons. While we chatted over our coffees (his a respectable Canadian Double Double) and TimBits I remembered something...
The Tim Hortons Logo used to be Striped!

The place was completely slammed, as usual, and we didn't stay long - I had to get back to work, as did Michael. But in these busy days of summer its best to grab a break while you can.

Todays stripes are from Forever 21.

Thanks for checking in, bottoms up-buttercup!

See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey - I Was all About Stripes before it was a "Thing"

Have you seen the new Kajiji ad - Its about Erica who's "all about Stripes!" I thinks Its really funny - I must have missed my casting call audition notice.

Today I realized that Summer is starting to wind down - but - hey I'm trying to cram a few more days of goodness into the remaining couple weeks of summer sun.

I'm currently working on some paper crafts for an upcoming 'zine fair in Toronto. If you look closely in the photos you'll get a sneak peek into what I'm working on.

Kinda tired today - it was an extremely busy day at the Inn...
thanks for reading,

Todays dress is by Jean Paul Gaultier for Target. I got it in Syracuse, I love when they get designers to make cool stuff. This dress is a transformer - It has a built-in scarf that can also be worn as a sash.

Monday, August 15, 2011

All Day I Dream About Stripes

Day 15 and another busy Monday - On Mondays my friends; Kelly, Susanne, Nicole and I meet for pre-show pizza and super sized beers at the Boston Pizza before watching Hollywoods latest chick flick or comedy. We call this little Monday tradition Mug Club, Kelly even has a mug engraved with her name at the bar.

We saw the film 30 Minutes or Free, purely for the Jesse Eisenberg factor - I'd recommend it, there were some really funny "that's what she said jokes". The humor factor may have been helped by the super sized beer...

Eagle eyed Susanne spotted this four-leaf clover - and I hope it brings us all the good luck its supposed too.

Todays stripes are by the first name in Striped Sportswear - Adidas. I might even start jogging...

Back to work tomorrow, lets see what the next week will bring...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 14 - A Vegetarian at RibFest in a Striped Dress!

Well Howdy Y'all!
Today was theBelleville Big Brothers and Big Sisters RIBFEST. As well as being a fundraiser for such a great organization, this is the closest you can get to Southern atmosphere and charm in Eastern Ontario. Oh yeah - and there is really great BBQ, which I don't eat because I'm a Vegetarian.

So what does a vegetarian eat at a BBQ Festival? Well...Its big, its deep fried and it comes with a huge side of special sauce - A Bloomin' Onion. If you cut an onion a certain way, batter it and fry it super fast it opens up like a flower, and it tastes delicious!

Todays dress is from Kellys. It from a line called Yumi. Their dresses are fantastic and original.

Y'all come back now, y'hear!